Private Driving Lessons

When you turn to Techniques Made easy Driving School, you have the ability to get private driving lessons. Learning to drive is an exciting time. But it is also an important time. And we here at Techniques Made Easy understand the urge of parents wanting to teach their kids to drive. However, teaching is not always easy, so leaving that to a professional is a great way to make sure your child learns about the rules of the road. A good driving instructor with informative and impactful driving lessons goes a long way. 

Schedule Driving Lessons

Get private driving lessons with Techniques Made Easy Driving School, which has been helping kids throughout the Lindenhurst area on Long Island, New York learn how to drive for years. Getting that one-on-one treatment can be a great way for a kid to learn about how to drive. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more today our driving school packages. Check out our services and schedule a lesson today!

Why Investing in Private Driving Lessons Is Smart

It is important for any prospective driver to properly learn about the ways of the road. Some parents are ill-equipped to effectively handle this duty, but when you opt for private driving lessons, you will be making sure the new driver gets a hands-on approach at learning. Let's take a look at a few reasons why investing is private driving lessons is a smart idea.

Get More Driving Practice

The biggest benefit of having private driving lessons is the attention the student driver recieves. All of the focus is on the driver and there is no other student driver there to take up the time. So you get more driving practice to help learn how to drive. And the student driver can more easily meet any requirements they need in order to get their learner's permit, driver's license and most importantly pass their road test.

Avoid Getting Bad Driving Habits

When you get private driving lessons with us, you will be getting an instructor that knows the rules of the road. In fact, we are experts on the matter (it's our job!). So every driver taking private lessons will be able to learn from the wealth of knowledge the instructor has and ensure that no bad habits come during the process. It is easy to pick up bad driving habits, but when you are in the car with a professional instructor, then it is much harder to get these habits into your driving. Learn to drive the right way with Techniques Made Easy Driving School!

Safe Vehicles For Driving Lessons

When your child hops in one of our cars for their private driving lessons, you can rest assured the vehicle is safe. Our cars are specifically designed for new drivers to help them learn how to drive in a safe manner. And comes with all the features you'd expect in order for a safe learning environment. So there is little concern about an accident happening due to the poor performance of a student driver.

About Our Private Driving Lesson Packages

When you opt for private driving lessons, you have the option of choosing from a few different types of packages. 

  • 5 Lessons - Save $25
  • 10 Lessons - Save $60
  • 15 Lessons - Save $105
  • 20 Lessons - Save $160
  • 25 Lessons - Save $225 

As you can see, the more driving lessons you sign up for, the more money you save. However, our most popular packages are 5 and 10 lessons and we encourage all of our students to choose the lesson package that meets their needs and budget. Packages for driving lessons are recommended for ALL NEW DRIVERS. A great, and affordable, way to learn how to drive. And when you turn to Techniques Made Easy Driving School, you save with our discounted prices. All packages must be paid in full upon scheduling.

Each lesson is 45 minutes long, which helps with the commitment. We understand how families are always short on time, which is why our lessons are 45 minutes long. On top of that, we have found that this length is perfect for the student driver, too. Lessons that are longer see the student driver less engaged and perhaps even tiring. These private driving lessons pack in a lot, so keeping them briefer allows for the student driver to retain more of the information.