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Welcome to the Driving Techniques Made Easy web-page.
Introducing THE Driving Instructional Video for Student Drivers.

Driving Techniques Made Easy is a driving instructional video and audio presentation
of the following driving maneuvers performed correctly step by step:

  • Preparing To Drive
  • Steering
  • Pulling Away From the Curb
  • Backing Out of a Driveway
  • Driving Straight
  • Right Turns
  • Left Turns
  • Three Point Turns
  • Parallel Parking
  • Entering and Exiting Expressways
  • Lane Changing

Driving Instructional Video

A Video That Helps All Drivers

This is a High-Quality Instructional Driving Video to help new drivers practice and study proper driving techniques. It does so by presenting basic driving maneuvers, performed correctly step by step, with visualization from both inside and outside the vehicle. This ensures a full range of knowledge gained.

STUDENT DRIVERS can watch this driving instructional video on their own (over and over again). Doing so can help them to develop the skills and confidence they need to pass their road test. And put them on the road to becoming safe and competent drivers.

PARENTS who wish to help their teenagers learn to drive can also benefit by viewing the videos' correct execution of basic driving maneuvers.

PROFESSIONAL DRIVING INSTRUCTORS will find Driving Techniques Made Easy to be a valuable educational tool. Use this incredible visual aid effectively in the Drivers' Ed Classroom.

Driving Instructional Video Demo

The driving instructional video
Driving Techniques Made Easy
is an excellent tool for the up and coming student driver. It can be watched over and over again as you learn to drive.

A Driving Instructional Video You Can Trust!

DRIVING TECHNIQUES MADE EASY is a video collaboration of Associated Media Productions and Cherished Memories Video & Photography. Driving expertise and technical assistance was provided by Techniques Made Easy Driving School Inc. Formerly known as Premiere Driving School of Deer Park Inc., featuring instructors with nearly three decades of driver education experience.

DRIVING TECHNIQUES MADE EASY is a valuable instructional tool that enables Student Drivers to visualize the basic driving maneuvers being taught. You can include it in your Drivers Ed. Classroom setting. You can also make it available to your students as part of a Driving Lessons Package, or you can offer it to your students for individual purchase.

An Instructional Video Helping Drivers Nationwide

Driving Techniques Made Easy is also extremely useful in training new Driving Instructors. A copy included in the employment package would be a worthwhile investment. Get a driving instructional video that has it all!

For more information about this video and all the benefits it offers those who watch, please contact us today. The number to call is 631-243-1164. We look forward to helping you become a better and safer driver and hope this video helps driving schools around the country. This video is available nationwide! So no matter where you live, this Driving Techniques Made Easy instructional video is available to you. 



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